Environmental Survey on Human Impacts


As part of a series designed to collect local opinions on the forms that new developments will take, the latest survey looks at negative human impacts upon our local and wider environments, and how planning can lead to better outcomes.

Compared with previous generations, nearly all of us live technologically advanced, well-connected and comfortable lives, with a level of convenience and choice which would have been unthinkable only a hundred years ago.

Unfortunately, many of the activities that make this possible have caused unintended consequences which can be locally or globally harmful. Some of the negative effects that have already been raised by local residents include: increased flooding, traffic fumes and noise, littering (especially plastics), loss of mature trees, and soil erosion.

However, with increasing understanding of ways to combat these problems, coupled with new technologies and official support for environmental protection, we can use planning to make improvements to our town and the surrounding area, and ensure that new developments make a positive contribution to our built, agricultural and natural environments.

Although the formal survey is now closed, we still welcome contributions on the topic, which will also be addressed as part of our second major public consulation, to be held before the Plan is finalised,  if you have not yet done so and would like to share your views on how we can work towards a more sustainable environment for future generations, please contact us.