Relaunched: Newent Neighbourhood Development Plan Business Survey

As the momentous events and subsequent economic pressures of the past four years have affected many aspects of our lives, Newent’s Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group has been reviewing evidence collected so far and identifying areas of under-representation, intending to strengthen its understanding of the changing needs and priorities of the local community.  It has become clear that responses to the original Business Survey do not yet reflect the broad range of scales and types of economic activity in our area, and an updated version of the survey has now been produced.

Representatives from all kinds of local businesses, whether tiny or large, within town or rural, locally-based or part of a wider organisation, are asked to complete this survey in order to ensure that their views and aspirations can inform the emerging Newent Neighbourhood Development Plan.  The survey is now live at


Newent Neighbourhood Development Plan Business Survey

Neighbourhood planning gives communities direct power to develop a shared vision for their neighbourhood and shape the development and growth of their local area. It provides a powerful set of tools for local people to plan for the types of development to meet their community’s needs and has statutory weight when planning applications are considered. The Newent Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group is made up of a cross-section of volunteers (local residents and business people) and refers back to Newent Town Council as its responsible body.

The Neighbourhood Plan needs to include the views of businesses in the Parish in order to provide a balance of evidence.  If you are involved in local business, the Steering Group invites you to share your expertise, experience and ideas by contributing to our Business Survey using the revised link

Business in Newent composite



Environmental Survey on Human Impacts


As part of a series designed to collect local opinions on the forms that new developments will take, the latest survey looks at negative human impacts upon our local and wider environments, and how planning can lead to better outcomes.

Compared with previous generations, nearly all of us live technologically advanced, well-connected and comfortable lives, with a level of convenience and choice which would have been unthinkable only a hundred years ago.

Unfortunately, many of the activities that make this possible have caused unintended consequences which can be locally or globally harmful. Some of the negative effects that have already been raised by local residents include: increased flooding, traffic fumes and noise, littering (especially plastics), loss of mature trees, and soil erosion.

However, with increasing understanding of ways to combat these problems, coupled with new technologies and official support for environmental protection, we can use planning to make improvements to our town and the surrounding area, and ensure that new developments make a positive contribution to our built, agricultural and natural environments.

Although the formal survey is now closed, we still welcome contributions on the topic, which will also be addressed as part of our second major public consulation, to be held before the Plan is finalised,  if you have not yet done so and would like to share your views on how we can work towards a more sustainable environment for future generations, please contact us.



Services and Amenities – our third themed survey is now available

The Newent Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group has produced the third in its series of surveys.  These are designed to give the group more information about how the residents of Newent, Cliffords Mesne, The Scarr, and Botloes Green feel on specific subjects.
This survey asks for opinions on local services and amenities.  If you have already tackled this subject at an open session then you may like to suggest that another member of your household completes it, but all responses, from local residents of all ages, are welcome.  To complete the anonymous survey online, please use this link:

Countryside, Habitats and Wildlife – the second in our series of themed surveys

From the wooded slopes of May Hill to the orchards and meadows of Botloes Green, Newent is set in an attractive, diverse, and productive landscape.  The future will bring new developments to this part of West Gloucestershire.  How can we best preserve what is most precious about our rural areas?  How can development fit in?

This survey was the first of two dealing with environmental matters.  A subsequent survey will collect information about pollution, flooding and climate change.  Your responses will help us to ensure that the priorities of local people concerning the environment are represented in the final Neighbourhood Development Plan.

The survey was also available in paper form, to be collected and dropped off at the Market Square Co-op in Newent. The blank forms and a collection box for all completed surveys are situated behind the tills.

Although the online survey is now closed, residents are welcome to use our contact details to let us know their opinions on this topic and there will be further public consultation on all themes before the plan is presented for approval.


Collect and return paper surveys here



Transport Survey – the First of our New Theme-based Surveys

Transport survey:

To help plan future transport provision we launched a survey to collect information about people’s travel habits. We need as much evidence as possible about current journey patterns from those living at a GL18 1** postcode.

Although the survey is now closed, residents are very welcome to provide further information about their travel needs and regular journeys, via our contact details. 

Thank you.