Countryside, Habitats and Wildlife – the second in our series of themed surveys

From the wooded slopes of May Hill to the orchards and meadows of Botloes Green, Newent is set in an attractive, diverse, and productive landscape.  The future will bring new developments to this part of West Gloucestershire.  How can we best preserve what is most precious about our rural areas?  How can development fit in?

This survey was the first of two dealing with environmental matters.  A subsequent survey will collect information about pollution, flooding and climate change.  Your responses will help us to ensure that the priorities of local people concerning the environment are represented in the final Neighbourhood Development Plan.

The survey was also available in paper form, to be collected and dropped off at the Market Square Co-op in Newent. The blank forms and a collection box for all completed surveys are situated behind the tills.

Although the online survey is now closed, residents are welcome to use our contact details to let us know their opinions on this topic and there will be further public consultation on all themes before the plan is presented for approval.


Collect and return paper surveys here