How we responded to the government’s ‘Planning for the Future’ White Paper.

Below are the responses we made to the 84-page Planning for the Future white paper on planning reform, published by the Government in 2020.  If the proposals in the White paper are enacted and our planning system is replaced by one based on the three proposed zones, it will mean that the role of the NDP will also be significantly altered. We felt that it was important that, as a Steering Group, we made the effort to understand the implications of these proposals and respond accordingly.

The first response is a covering email which addresses significant points to which it was not possible to respond within the 26 questions that were embedded in the white paper. Those questions (some slightly abbreviated) along with our responses are included in the second document. It is important to have a look at the White Paper itself as well, in order to fully understand the context of the questions and responses.

“I am grateful to Graham Highton and Helen Selwood, the other members of the three strong Working Group, which met to discuss the White Paper and our possible responses. The drafts were taken to the Steering Group who approved the responses by a clear majority. They were successfully submitted on Wednesday 28th October.” – Gill Moseley, Chair of the NDP Steering Group.