The Newent Neighbourhood Development Plan

Welcome to the website of the Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) for the parish of Newent. Please use the links here to find out more about what the NDP is, what we do, and how you can help make Newent a better place for everyone in the future.

Like it or not, major development is coming to Newent in the near future. We need a plan and we need a vision. Our Neighbourhood Development Plan is the best way to develop that vision for Newent’s future. Through this process, the community of Newent can help shape the future of the town and its surroundings while protecting the areas we treasure. To discover what an NDP is all about, click here.

The last two years have seen an alteration in the way we have been working.  Our Steering Group meetings resumed in the summer of 2020 after the first Covid lockdown and we have done our best to continue monthly meetings since then, often via video links.  We also welcomed our new advisor, Liane James.

Now we have launched our series of short themed surveys which will roll out at intervals.  The first had Transport as its theme, followed by the first half of an Environmental Survey, focusing upon Countryside, Habitats and Wildlife.   The next was on Services and Amenities, and this is still available via our “News” page, as is the second half of the Environmental survey, looking at Human Impacts.  Once it is decided by the group that a survey has had a sufficient range and number of responses, the online version is closed and the results collected and analysed.  This does not mean that further views on the topic will not be accepted, and there will be another major public consultation in due course to ensure that we have the best possible data on residents’ opinions.  Next in line is the very important Housing survey, which will be launched online in May 2022.  This will be followed by Business and Employment.  We have a stand at the large Co-op in Newent  for collection and return of hard copies of the surveys but most people find it more convenient to access them online.

From the evidence you give we will create the policies which make up the Neighbourhood Development Plan, so please take a few minutes to contribute your opinions and ideas by filling out the surveys.  When we complete our NDP, it will give our community the best chance to have its say, in the area it knows best, about how Newent should develop.

We completed our first public consultation in October, 2019. You can read all about it here